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Natalie Grant Brings Home the Reality of Child Prostitution

Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant is a popular Christian recording artist who has a passionate concern for children involved in the commercial sex industry. While watching a "Law and Order" episode she was exposed to the harsh reality of child trafficking in the United Sates, where children are exploited as cheap labor, many as sex slaves. Now, she is using her voice not only to create music but also to increase awareness about the sexual exploitation of children around the world.

The idea that adults would repeatedly abuse an innocent child for their own purposes is what motivated Grant to focus on this particular issue over others.

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Michael W. Smith:

Changing A Child's World

Michael W. Smith Sponsors A Child Through Compassion's Child Sponsorship Ministry

Comparing his life growing up in a small West Virginia town to the lives of children he's seen in Compassion projects, Michael W. Smith notes some similarities: "Kids are kids and kids everywhere seem to spend time playing in the streets," he says. "We throw rocks, balls, anything to create a game. But those similarities end when poverty is added to the situation.

"The first time I came face to face with that reality, it was overwhelming. I couldn't process all the sights, sounds and smells I was experiencing. I had gone from holding my own kids, safe and healthy in my own home, to holding a baby overseas who was probably not going to live much longer.

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